Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

Enhancing Chemical and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing through Critical Parameter Analysis

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Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

Process analytical technology (PAT) seeks to provide fundamental, science-based insight into those parameters that are key to the stability of a process and resultant product quality. The benefits of process analytical technology include:

  • Improved product quality and uniformity
  • Process cost reduction
  • Enhanced process and product safety
  • Eliminating or minimizing product re-work
  • Reduced process cycle time
  • Creating a robust process that results in successful manufacture the first time
  • Facilitating regulatory acceptance and compliance

Successfully implementing PAT requires a change in how a company approaches development, manufacturing, quality, and safety. Some common challenges may include:

  • Technical integration
  • Cost
  • Company culture changes

From a company culture perspective, PAT must be considered a strategic top-down goal. This means that senior management, the technical staff, and production personnel must all embrace PAT to ensure its smooth implementation without operational barriers.​

Leveraging Automation and PAT



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PAT Applications

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