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Hydrogenační reakce

Bezpečné monitorování reakcí při zvýšené teplotě a tlaku

Hydrogenation Reactions
Hydrogenation Reaction Challenges
Tools to Opimize Synthesis Reactions

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Additional Hydrogenation Reaction Resources

Acid Catalyzed Transfer Hydrogenation
Asymmetric organocatalytic hydrogenation of benzoxazines in continuous-flow microreactors as a metal-free alternative were studied. Coupling inline mi...
Hydrogenation By-Products Formation
This white paper discusses the root cause of by-product formation in a hydrogenation reaction. and how to avoid by-products during hydrogenation.
Endpoint Detection of a Hydrogenation
Automated sampling of a hydrogenation at 5 bar pressure improved product quality by enabling the study of the mechanism formation of an undesired by-p...
o monitoringu reakcí v reálném čase: Tandemová hydroformylace/hydrogenace
In situ monitoring mid-FTIR procesu v reálném čase vede k lepšímu porozumění aktivity a odolnosti katalyzátoru. Vědci na tokijské univerzitě používají...
Scale-up Pressure Reactions
There is an increasing demand to run reactions at elevated pressures. Due to the nature of pressure chemistry, the reaction mass typically consists of...
Hydrogenation Under High Pressure
This presentation discusses the implementation of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) reaction monitoring technology to provide knowledge and understand...

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