Analysis and Control Software—Redefined

intuitive iC software

Intuitive and Intelligent

Simple yet powerful software allows consistent control and measurement of reactions and related processes. Automated data capture plus a simple user experience reduces human errors and training cost while ensuring that important information will not be lost.

one click analytics

One Click Analytics™

Easy-to-use analysis, reporting and data management tools allow graphics, videos and presentations to be created with the click of a button. Critical process knowledge can be shared easily, allowing project teams to make informed decisions and reach a consensus quickly.

software to control chemical reactions

Application Specific Workflow

Built to control and analyze chemical reactions and related unit operations like crystallizations, iC software guides users through the optimal data interpretation process. Analysis specific tools enable faster data analysis – leading to increased R&D productivity.

Software for Automated Reactors and In-Situ Analysis

iC Raman software

iC Raman

iC Raman provides intelligent reaction analysis and enables high quality data collection from ReactRaman instruments. Podrobnosti

iC IR software


Use iC IR Software to control and analyze data from ReactIR instruments and gain intelligent insight into your reaction mechanism, pathway, and kinetics. Podrobnosti

iC Vision software

iC Vision

iC Vision provides simple control and sophisticated image analysis of EasyViewer instruments to enhance understanding of particle systems. Podrobnosti

iControl chemical reaction analysis software


Powerful iControl software provides advanced control and analysis options for EasyMax, OptiMax, RX-10, and RC1mx touchscreen reactor systems. Podrobnosti

iC FBRM particle size analysis software


Track particle size in real-time with iC FBRM for control and data analysis for ParticleTrack instruments. Podrobnosti

iC Data Center software

iC Data Center

Use iC Data Center to automatically capture data from all connected instruments, prepare into useful formats and share with colleagues and other systems. Podrobnosti

iC Safety

iC Safety

The iC Safety extension facilitates safety studies with RC1mx calorimeters and EasyMax or OptiMax HFCal reactor systems. Podrobnosti

iC Process for FBRM

iC Process for FBRM

iC Process for FBRM for ParticleTrack production instruments provides client/server software for batch and continuous applications. Podrobnosti

iC Process IR

iC Process for IR

iC Process for IR provides for control of production ReactIR 45P instruments for batch and continuous campaigns. Podrobnosti

Is iC Software included when I purchase the instrument?

This depends on the instrument. Analytical instruments such as ReactIR, ReactRaman, and EasyViewer require an iC instrument software package on a PC to control the system and capture and analyze data. Reactor systems like the EasyMax or RC1mx come with a built-in touchscreen interface that can be used to control the instrument, however, iControl PC software can also be purchased for more advanced control.  

Are trial versions available for the software?

Yes, each software product comes with an automatic 30-day trial license when first installed on a new computer. If you are interested in obtaining a trial copy of one of the iC software applications, please send us a message!

What operating systems are supported by the iC Software suite?

The iC Suite runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system. Current software versions all support Windows 10. Some specific products, like iC Process and iC Data Center, can also be run on Windows Server. For specific details on what an iC application supports, please see the datasheets available on the respective product pages, or simply contact us and we can provide guidance on the best product for you.

What options are available for sharing experiment data with other software applications?

There are several ways that data collected by iC-controlled instruments can share with third-party systems. In real-time, trend values can be exchanged using the industry standard OPC UA protocol or can be exported from certain iC products into file formats such as SPC or CSV.

iC Data Center can be used to capture completed experiments in one location, prepare data in useful file formats like Excel or XML, and share data with colleagues, with a data warehouse, or with electronic lab notebook (ELN) applications.