When minimum weight is of major importance
MinWeigh, another innovation from METTLER TOLEDO. MinWeigh is the new quality application for AX, MX, and UMX balances. MinWeigh revolutionizes the concept of weighing where quality management demands adherence to specified tolerances and makes the tiniest weighings enormously important. Because MinWeigh answers the minimum weighing question more precisely than ever before.

Central value: minimum weight.
Many users dispense tiny quantities. Which means they use only between 1% and 10% of a balance's weighing capacity. But it's just in this range that the greatest relative measurement uncertainties occur.
Central question: quality.
In a quality management system, measurement uncertainty can't just be left to chance. It has to stay within specified limits. So how large does the smallest weighing have to be to remain within the tolerances of the quality management system?
The answer: MinWeigh for certain results.
- The MinWeigh application offers a solution for minimum weight requirements.
- It prevents mistakes in daily laboratory work, which saves time and saves sample material.
- MinWeigh provides excellent support where guidelines of a quality management system such as GLP or GMP apply.

How does MinWeigh work?
- MinWeigh knows the minimum weight value required.
- If the weighing result is below the minimum weight, MinWeigh spots the error and warns you.

How does MinWeigh warn you?
- The displayed weight value appears in gray (picture at left).
- Weighing results below the minimum weight are marked on your printout.

How do you know that the minimum weight is reached?
- As soon as the correct amount is weighed in, the displayed weight value changes to black (picture at right).

Installing MinWeigh
The MinWeigh application is delivered with every AX, MX, and UMX balance, and can be activated as required.
A METTLER TOLEDO service technician performs the necessary measurements for you at the place where the balance will stand, because the minimum weight needs to be determined on site by a weighing specialist. The minimum weight depends on the repeatability of the balance at the place where it is used, the environmental conditions, and the specified quality tolerances.
Within the guidelines of your quality assurance system, the technician determines the minimum weight with the best possiblesettings and the tare weight typically used. Finally, he programs the balance software accordingly.

The MinWeigh certificate.
After programming the balance, the service technician issues a certificate. It documents the measurements and tolerances, as well as the corresponding tare and minimum weight values.

Ask our sales representative for the typical minimum weight values you can expect for each type of balance. We shall be happy to advise you on selecting the right balance and location. Our service technician will be pleased to come and install MinWeigh for you.

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