Good Electrochemistry Practice Recommendation

Discover the Right pH System for Your Requirements

GEP Recommendation
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How do I benefit from the GEP Recommendation?

The GEP Recommendation helps you find the right system that fits your purpose based on specific parameters, including impact, process tolerance, risks, measurement size, frequency, and sample type. You can send us your request for GEP-R, and our sales specialist will assist you in receiving your customized recommendation.


Who should use GEP?

Everyone who wants to determine pH measurements benefits from GEP. It is a scientific-based methodology to ensure reliable and accurate electrochemical results. The GEP Recommendation is specific to your requirements.


What kind of recommendation can I perform with GEP-R?

With the GEP Recommendation, you can perform either a System Recommendation or a Sensor Recommendation if you already have an instrument.