Industrial Floor Scales & Heavy-Duty Scales

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Floor scales and heavy-duty scales are used for bulk weighing, logistics, and other manufacturing processes across a variety of industries. Whether your process requires portability for flexible use, hygienic design for fast and easy cleaning, or rugged construction to accurately weigh heavy freight, we have industrial floor scales to meet your specific needs. With capacities from 300 kg up to 12,000 kg, achieve reliable measurements of your bulk materials.

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We support and service your measurement equipment through its entire life-cycle, from installation to preventive maintenance and calibration to equipment repair. 

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Different Types of Industrial Floor Scales and Industrial Heavy-Duty Weighing Scales

METTLER TOLEDO offers a wide variety of heavy-duty scales, from industrial floor scales to mobile and heavy duty weighing scales for any industrial environment. Our heavy-duty scale offering is known for cutting-edge accuracy and reliability in your tough industrial environments.


Complementing our heavy duty scale models are our pallet scalespallet truck scales and mobile scales. These entries into our industrial scale line offer reliable weighing for your heavy items while allowing you to take the scale directly to where you need to weigh. This flexibility allows you to weigh just about anywhere to enhance your productivity and cost-savings. Easy to load and clean, they are built to last and ensure years of accurate weighing in your harsh industrial environment.

Finally, we offer our rugged and reliable overhead industrial scales. These customizable industrial scales meet the specific requirements of your process to provide you with reliable and precise overhead track and monorail weighing for rapid high-capacity carcass processing—even when conditions are harsh. Additionally, these overhead scales offer easy assembly to round out our robust, high-performing industrial portfolio alongside our industrial floor scales and mobile/pallet scale offerings.

What industries use industrial floor scales?

Industrial floor scales are large scales used for bulk weighing, logistics, and other manufacturing processes. METTLER TOLEDO floor scales and heavy-duty scales are suitable for industrial applications in a variety of industries including food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, transportation & logistics, and more. Our floor scales offer accurate and reliable weighing systems for wet and dry industrial environments. Whether your process requires portability for flexible use, hygienic design for fast and easy cleaning, or rugged construction to accurately weigh heavy freight, METTLER TOLEDO has industrial floor scales for sale to meet your specific needs.

What is the maximum weight of a floor scale?

Traditional METTLER TOLEDO floor scales and heavy weight weighing scales have capacities from 300 kg up to 12,000 kg to meet your heavy-duty weighing requirements.

Where can I buy heavy weight scales for hazardous zones?

METTLER TOLEDO offers a variety of heavy-duty weighing scales approved for hazardous zones including Zone 1/21, Division 1 and Zone 2/22, Division 2. You can browse the selection of floor scales that are available for your hazardous environment by filtering for your hazardous area rating on the floor scales product page, and then request a quote.

Who manufactures heavy-duty digital scales? Where can I buy heavy-duty weighing scales?

METTLER TOLEDO is a leading manufacturer of industrial floor scales and heavy-duty weighing scales with options for analog, digital, and POWERCELL® technology. Browse our selection of heavy-duty floor scales on, and easily request a quote from your local METTLER TOLEDO representative.

Are METTLER TOLEDO floor scales easy to clean?

Our industrial floor scales are all designed to last in harsh industrial environments, but for regulated environments, look for our hygienically designed industrial floor scales. Floor scales with open designs, ingress protection, and stainless steel construction simplify the floor scale cleaning process to save you time and help to eliminate contamination risk.

METTLER TOLEDO’s floor scales designed for use in pharmaceutical environments have been certified by an independent testing institute with regard to GMP guidelines and current practices in cleaning validation.

For more information on hygienic design considerations and what to look for when selecting your floor scale, download a free copy of our Hygienic Design Guide.

Are heavy duty weighing scales good for checkweighing?

Industrial floor scale solutions can be used for checkweighing processes. The best industrial floor scales for your need is determined by understanding your weighing tolerances, the heaviest loads you need to measure, and your weighing environment. For support with finding a floor scale that fits your checkweighing application, contact your local METTLER TOLEDO representative.

Are heavy-duty weighing scales good for logistics?

Heavy weight scales are ideal for inbound and outbound logistics at production facilities. There are optional accessories and configurations including ramps and WiFi connectivity that enable flexible, fast throughput and automatic data capture so that you can achieve a fully Lean logistics process. To find and configure the scale that will best fit your logistics process, contact your local METTLER TOLEDO representative.

How to choose the right floor scale? How to get more value from floor scales?

When you are considering the purchase of a new floor scale, METTLER TOLEDO offers a unique risk-based assessment that evaluates the best industrial floor scales for your needs through our Good Weighing Practice™ (GWP®) Recommendation. With just a few questions, the Recommendation will help you ensure you choose the right scale to meet your process and quality requirements. Then, a GWP® Verification will verify that your scale satisfies your requirements under real operating conditions and provide detailed information on how to increase the long-term value of your floor scales through proper calibration and testing. 

What kind of floor should I put my scale on?

Floor scales can be installed with in-ground pit installations, permanent above-ground installations or as completely mobile units for use on hard, flat surfaces throughout your production area. It is recommended that your floor scale is placed on completely even, un-slanted ground so that the loads can be placed in the center with equal weight distribution across the load cells to ensure an accurate measurement.

Can your floor scale weigh 42 x 48 pallets and be certified for trade transactions?

Yes, our floor scales can weigh these pallet sizes and all have NTEP and OIML approval for legal-for-trade weighing. You can customize most floor scales to meet the size and capacity requirements of your operation.

Industrial Scales for Sale

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