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pH of Pure Waters

Pure waters are essential in a variety of industrial processes. To ensure their purity, measuring their pH is critical but is not easy and requires specialized sensors.

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Accurate pH measurement in very low conductivity water requires a highly specialized sensor.

To ensure that chemical treatment is working effectively, pH measurement after the demineralizer is important. However, as the water has negligible electrolytic conductivity at this stage, pH measurement is very difficult.

Achieving the required measurement accuracy from pH sensors used to be a complicated, maintenance-intensive operation. METTLER TOLEDO Thornton has solved this measurement challenge with the pHure Sensor LE.

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pH Probes for Pure Water Applications

METTLER TOLEDO Thornton’s range of pH probes and pH meters has been designed to provide the highest accuracy and reliability in pH measurement for pure water treatment applications. Thornton also offers pH probes that can provide a simultaneous ORP measurement. A wide variety of housings are available to match almost all installation requirements.

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Краткое описание
Краткое описаниеДля измерения pH/ОВП в воде с крайне низким значением удельной электропроводности.
Краткое описаниеДля измерения pH/ОВП в воде с низким и средним значением удельной электропроводности.

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