Double-Crane Pharmaceutical Equipment Case Study
Case Study

Double-Crane Pharmaceutical Equipment

Case Study

Rely on Modern In-line Checkweighers

Chinese company Double-Crane Pharmaceutical Equipment & China Resources has its headquarters in Beijing and has been an OEM partner of METTLER TOLEDO since 2007. The company developed the first Chinese blister package and pharmaceutical cartoning machine.

OEM Partner
Mr. Jianping Fu, General Manager of Beijing Double-Crane Pharmaceutical Equipment and China Resources Co., comments "in the past 11 years, METTLER TOLEDO has always been our exclusive strategic partner, providing us with custom-built inspection solutions." 

Good Manufacturing Practice
Mr. Jianping Fu goes on, "pharmaceutical production must follow the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) rules; missing tablets or instruction leaflets are very serious quality issues. METTLER TOLEDO's in-line checkweighers are a strong guarantor of our product quality". 


Checkweighing Flexibility
The latest cartoning machine created by Double-Crane Pharmaceutical Equipment has the capability of packing 400 boxes per minute at stable speed with the checkweigher ensuring that all pre-defined product quality checks are met.

The flexibility and thoroughness of METTLER TOLEDO's checkweighing teams have reassured Double-Crane Pharmaceutical Equipment and China Resources Co. that their decision to stay with METTLER TOLEDO for checkweighing solutions, year after year, was right.

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