Case Study

J&J Snack Foods Maximizes Detection Capability

Case Study

With X-ray Inspection Technology for Their Frozen Snack Foods

In order to maximize detection capabilities for the safeguarding of product safety and customer satisfaction, J&J Snack Foods invested in state-of-the-art inspection technology from METTLER TOLEDO. The company utilizes metal detection technology, dynamic checkweighers and x-ray inspection systems to minimize the risk of defective product as well as any costly product recalls.

Over the last 50 years, J&J Snack Foods has transformed from a humble pretzel processor to become a leader in baked goods, frozen beverages and frozen novelty products with 4,200 employees across 18 production facilities. Products from J&J Snack Foods go to market under 25 house brands, including icons like ICEE, Luigi’s Italian Ice and Tio Pepe’s Churros as well as customers’ private labels.

To support their commitment to excellence, in 2017 the company sought to implement an X-ray inspection system that offered impressive sensitivity, ease of use and reliability at an affordable price. The company selected an X33 system to monitor product fill levels and detect any dense foreign material to ensure product safety and customer satisfaction.

In 2019, an additional single lane X33 X-ray system was installed for their two high-throughput frozen dessert and beverage packaging lines. These lines handle a variety of different poly-based cups, ranging in size from 3 to 4.4 oz., at 250 cups per minute.

In addition, the company installed a two-lane X36 X-ray system to monitor mixed products on two side-by-side conveyors while keeping the two product types separate.  Handling 250 cups per minute, the line inspects Italian ice sorbets, frozen juice and ice cream in 2- or 4-oz. cups with foil lids or 6-oz. cups with paper locking lids.