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Case Study

Networked Product Inspection for Maximum Line Efficiency

Case Study

Heinrichsthaler Milchwerke GmbH produces 200 tons of finished dairy products a day on 12 production lines.

Heinrichsthaler Milchwerke GmbH produces 200 tons of finished dairy products a day on 12 production lines. An integrated HACCP approach facilitates responsible production methods. This is consistently confirmed by the International Food Standard (IFS). With the latest software networking all inspection systems, Heinrichsthaler utilizes its production data to ensure constant traceability of all products at little expense.

Monitoring Across All Lines
In order to remain competitive, Heinrichsthaler constantly optimizes the effectiveness of its production facilities. Five combination checkweigher and metal detector systems have been installed to form critical checkpoints behind the thermoforming and tubular bag machines. Approximately 7000 products per hour can be checked by each inspection system. With up to six product changes required on each line.

With the ProdX Inspect software package, even article settings from remote sites are easily transferred across lines from one checkweigher to another. Production Director Mr. Gründinger explains that the integration of ProdX software was a strategic decision.

Complete Real-Time Production Monitoring

"By using ProdX, we are in a position to monitor and optimize the mean values of the packaging weights. Real-time proactive data preparation helps us to avoid costly overfilling. We were able to reduce product waste from 3% to only 0.9%, immediately saving 2 grams per package. Meaning, our investment in the inspection management equipment has already paid for itself within three months."

Passing Audits with Flying Colors

Cheese production involves three shifts operating seven days per week. Heinrichsthaler relies on the constant availability of all lines, and it counts on ProdX for early warning of potential defects. The software monitors the status of all inspection equipment components and displays key information using color-coded symbols. The production process is transparent, enabling timely implementation of Metal detectors are tested five times in every 8-hour production shift. production flow control measures. Production Director Mr. Gründinger regularly checks the log of the most recent 24-hour period, using trend analysis to detect, for example, whether any weight discrepancies are apparent. All it takes is a glance at the software’s PC or tablet screen to know the up-to-date status of current production processes.

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