Fiasco Gelato selects an X33 x-ray inspection system
Case Study

Case Study - Fiasco Gelato Takes Food Safety to the Next Level

Case Study

Getting Prepared for the SQF Certification

Fiasco Gelato is an artisan ice-cream manufacturer based in Calgary, Canada. Producing about 4,800 litres of gelato and sorbetto every day, the growing company is taking precautions to obtain the SQF certification, guaranteeing that regulatory requirements are met. In order to achieve this, Fiasco utilizes a METTLER TOLEDO Safeline X-ray system to ensure that their products are contaminant free.

Being a company that is expanding its business, the responsibility of assuring consumer's safety is higher, which means investment in better quality systems to meet regulatory compliance. To find a solution for a full safety inspection, Fiasco Gelato selected an X33 x-ray inspection system, being installed at the end of the production line to ensure that the pints of gelato and sorbetto are contaminant free. The system also offers the due dilligence the company has been searching for to be able to monitor and record all inspection activities in real time.

This case study explores Fiasco Gelato's manufacturing history and details how the X33 x-ray inspection system helped the company to take food safety to the next level, as well as supporting in achieving its goals of further expansion into new markets.

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