Three Technologies for the Perfect Pizza - METTLER TOLEDO
Case Study

Three Technologies for the Perfect Pizza

Case Study

Ensure Orkla Foods' Product Safety

Product Inspection equipment at its best: The XS3 CC H WP has been turned into the perfect "inspection centre". Three technologies, vision inspectionmetal detection and checkweighing are cleverly combined on an especially solid and easy to clean IP 65 frame.

Product safety is a top priority at Orkla Foods and a cornerstone in the development of the company's strong brand which is based on high consumer trust. All products need to be thoroughly quality inspected before they leave the factory.

Orklaplant manager stresses that it is a huge benefit to unite three different inspection technologies in one compact system. He goes on: "Coming from one supplier, we can be sure that all three technologies perfectly work together".

Learn more about this special solution to ensure food quality and food safety.

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