PATA Relies on Checkweighing and Metal Detection Technology
Case Study

Case Study - PATA Rely on Checkweighing and Metal Detection Technology

Case Study

For Reliable Inspection of Snack Foods

PATA Rely on Checkweighing and Metal Detection Technology
PATA Rely on Checkweighing and Metal Detection Technology

PATA S.p.A. is an Italian producer of savory snacks and is known particularly for their high quality, hand-cooked crisps. The company has been relying on product inspection equipment from METTLER TOLEDO for more than 20 years to meet the requirements of the food industry on the one hand, and to increase productivity on the other.

The case study details how PATA benefits from the METTLER TOLEDO checkweighers and metal detectors. The company currently has more than 20 dynamic checkweighers and 30 throat-style metal detectors installed on-site, 5 of them with the Automatic Test System (ATS).

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As compliance is too important to risk, the primary motivation for PATA's purchase of inspection equipment was to be absolutely sure they are complying with industry guidelines and retailer standards such as HACCP and BRCGS. For a food manufacturer it is of high importance to accurately declare the amount of product in given package in order to avoid fines. Therefore, it is critical to be able to accurately weigh products before they are shipped out. As PATA saw in METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection solutions the potential to meet the challenges of the industry they decided to work with them. Today PATA is very satisfied with the weighing accuracy delivered by the dynamic checkweighers, as it allows them to optimize their filling processes and achieve compliance.

When their existing metal detectors no longer provided the desired inspection results, PATA decided to install METTLER TOLEDO  metal detectors. The new metal detectors gave them the ability to detect very small particles due to the signal sensitivity and stability of the system. 5 of their throat-style metal detectors additionally include METTLER TOLEDO's new Automatic Test System. The ATS sits inside the aperture of the metal detector and confirms centerline sensitivity. ATS is thus the only method that can confirm the metal detector is working to the correct specification. It not only delivers accuracy benefits, but also efficiency benefits as complete end-to-end tests can now be conducted in under 40 seconds, compared to several minutes for manual testing process.

In addition to reliable inspection equipment, service routines guarantee smooth operation. An annual maintenance contract between PATA and METTLER TOLEDO ensures that the equipment continues to operate properly and at maximum efficiency.

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