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Case Study

BINA Increases Productivity and Ensures Product Safety

Case Study

With a XS3 CC H Checkweigher Combination System

Bischofszell Food Limited (BINA) process agricultural products and preserve them, creating delicious food that is ready to cook, ready to eat, tasty and fresh. The keys to BINA's success – the best raw materials and efficient production, combined with a commitment to product safety and quality.

As a supplier to the MIGROS retail group, restaurant and catering sector, BINA must maximize its productivity and maintain consistent product quality. A sharp increase in demand for fresh salads in its home market drove BINA's recent decision to add a new production line for a range of 30 salad products within their Bischofszell factory.

Product Safety for Harsh Environments
BINA's top priority is ensuring products are safe for consumers to eat. With the new line, the ability to comply with strict food safety standards was essential, as was product inspection equipment that could withstand harsh washdown conditions. With the new line needing to be integrated into the existing production facility a compact footprint was also highly desirable.

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"METTLER TOLEDO was able to provide a CombiChecker unit that could inspect products for metal contamination, but also check overfill levels at the same time. Our experience of previous CombiChecker systems from METTLER TOLEDO gave us confidence that the XS3 CombiChecker was the ideal solution for us for our new fresh line", commented Joachim Gründing Team Leader QM Food Safety.

Department Manager Thomas Buff praised the CombiChecker's ease of use commenting, "The touch panel interface is simple to operate and the reporting functionality is great for analysing product weight. Data is available on-screen, but can also be exported for further reporting and analyzis. Our systems are all SAPdriven, and the CombiChecker's internal software integrates with our Factory Information Systems to help us maximize productivity."

Complying with International Standards Compliance with international food safety standards, including International Featured Standards (IFS), is essential for global food processors like BINA. The visual signals provided by the system reassure operators that the system is operating to specified standards, and that products are safe for consumers.

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