Case Study

Label Inspection at Jürgen Langbein

Case Study

With Advanced Vision Inspection Solutions

This case study examines how German food producer Jürgen Langbein GmbH uses METTLER TOLEDO vision systems for its label inspection - an essential part of the company's quality control processes.

As a well-established producer of soups, sauces and stocks, Jürgen Langbein fills hundreds of jars and cans with its products every day. Preventing damaged or incorrect labels from reaching the market was a challenge for the company in the past. Inspection of labels was carried out manually, which was time consuming, costly, and prone to error.

In order to automate the process, Jürgen Langbein acquired two vision inspection machines, the V15 and V11, from METTLER TOLEDO. This investment resulted in increased inspection accuracy and enhanced productivity within their facility.

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