Case Study

Lake Champlain Chocolates Sweetens Quality

Case Study

With Combination Inspection Unit

Lake Champlain Chocolates is a family-run business based in the US making gourmet chocolates using fresh, local ingredients. To support its commitment to excellence, the company installed a METTLER TOLEDO  combination checkweigher and metal detector on its new chocolate bar line.

Meeting High Standards for Customer Protection and Quality

Lake Champlain Chocolates has a reputation for exceptional quality, and therefore needed top-tier inspection equipment that would uphold its high standards and protect its brand.

Metal detection is essential for the company's SQF food safety certification, and checkweighing helps Lake Champlain Chocolates reliably meet net weight requirements. Since the combination system has both metal detection and checkweighing on a single frame, it has a smaller footprint making it compact and more cost effective than buying two separate units.

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Automatic Detection and Rejection of Unsatisfactory Products

The combination system identifies and rejects products with ferrous and non-ferrous metal contamination, as well as under- and/or over-weight products at an accuracy of +/- 1 g or better, depending on the application. Products that don’t pass inspection are automatically removed from the line with a pneumatic reject device.

Exceptional Accuracy

“The accuracy of this metal detector is the best we’ve seen – it’s able to identify metal so small you’d never be able to see or taste it,” said John Weishaar, Production Manager at Lake Champlain Chocolates. “The checkweigher rejects overweight products to eliminate product giveaway and help guarantee our nutritional statements are accurate. It rejects underweight products to ensure we’re providing the amount of product we promise.”

The combination checkweigher and metal detector is a cornerstone for protecting Lake Champlain Chocolates' product quality and provides a foundation for growth into new channels.