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    METTLER TOLEDO - A trustworthy Service partner for your equipment

    METTLER TOLEDO aim to meet your specific service needs. We offer a wide array of services, including a comprehensive weighing service portfolio, laboratory balance services, industrial scales service, equipment support and other measuring equipment services. You can request service support directly on our service support page and on any other service pages on

    Let us be your trusted advisor and provide the necessary service balance between environment requirements and your production needs.

    • Support Services
    800 METTLER (800 638 8537)
    Call Service

    See below for applicable phone numbers

    Laboratory Instruments

    Laboratory Weighing

    Laboratory Weighing Phone Number800 METTLER (800 638 8537)

    Laboratory Analytical Instruments

    Laboratory Analytical Instruments Phone Number800 METTLER (800 638 8537)

    Rainin (Pipettes)

    Rainin (Pipettes) Phone Number800 543 4030

    Industrial Scales and Load Cell Systems

    Industrial Weighing Products

    Industrial Weighing Products Phone Number800 METTLER (800 638 8537)

    Automated Reactors and Situ Analysis

    Automated Reactors and In Situ Analysis

    Automated Reactors and In Situ Analysis Phone Number410 910 8500

    Process Analytics

    Ingold (Process Analytics)

    Ingold (Process Analytics)888 687 7687

    Thronton (Pure Water Analytics)

    Thronton (Pure Water Analytics) Phone Number800 642 4418

    Inline Product Quality Inspection

    Hi-Speed & Garvens (Checkweighing)

    813 549 2617

    Safeline (Metal Detection)

    Safeline (Metal Detection) Phone Number813 549 2617
    (24/7 Customer Service)

    Safeline (X-Ray)

    Safeline (X-Ray) Phone Number813 549 2617
    (24/7 Customer Service)

    CI-Vision and PCE (Vision Inspection and Truck & Trace/Serialization

    813 549 2617

    Truck Scales / Weighbridges and Dimensioning

    Strategic Accounts (Dimensioners, Forklift Scales, Postal/Mail Scales)

    866 450 2801

    Food Retail Solutions

    Food Retail Solutions

    Food Retail Solutions800 METTLER (800 638 85 37)

    Jewelry and Precious Metals

    A&A Jewelry Supply (Los Angeles, CA)

    213 627 8004

    Kassoy New York (Plainview, NY)

    Kassoy New York (Plainview, NY) Phone Number516 942 0560 ext. 222

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