Case Study

Case Study: Hornby Organics keeps it simple (and safe)

Case Study

For Reliable Inspection of Organic Energy Bars

Hornby Organic is a Canadian producer of certified organic energy bars made with gluten-free oats. Starting as a family business, the company has grown in recent years and is now looking for ways to improve production processes. For this reason, they installed a fully automatic flow-wrapping machine, an inline checkweigher and an x-ray system.

The case study details how Hornby Organic benefits from the METTLER TOLEDO checkweigher and x-ray system to increase brand protection, ensure product safety and comply with retailer codes of practices and food safety standards.

With a C31 checkweigher, Hornby Organic is able to fine-tune their filling size, leading to a noticeable increase in batch yields. At the end of the line an X33 x-ray inspection system inspects every single energy bar, offering high detection capabilities in checking small and medium sized packages. The system uses an advanced generator, along with intelligent x-ray software.

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