Phoenix Formulations quality control Case Study
Case Study

Phoenix Formulations

Case Study

Rely on METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection Equipment

Phoenix Formulations produces a variety of products including energy drink mixes and meal replacements. Phoenix dispenses their powders, capsules and tablets into jars, gusseted bags, composite cans, single serve pouches, stick packs and bulk containers over eight packaging lines.

Phoenix utilizes the latest technologies, including high-end equipment from METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection. They rely on four metal detectors, three x-ray inspection systems and five checkweighers to help ensure final product quality and safety.

Reliable Product Inspection
“We did our due diligence when designing our new facility" said Kirk Neal, President of Phoenix. "We looked at multiple suppliers for inspection equipment and considered detection sensitivity, as well as price and service. METTLER TOLEDO gave us all that and more. Their systems are consistent and reliable.”

Phoenix Formulations

Reduced Energy Consumption
On the lines filling packages that contain foil, Phoenix relies on X33 x-ray inspection systems to detect dense foreign material including all types of metal. The X33 offers Phoenix reduced power consumption while ensuring high levels of detection sensitivity.

Simplifying Product Changeovers
On production lines that fill packages that do not contain foil, Phoenix installed PowerPhasePRO* metal detectors. Featuring high-performance triple frequency operation and an advanced ‘product clustering’ capability, PowerPhasePRO* maintains the highest sensitivity while accommodating a wide variety of products with no operator intervention during changeovers.

Ensuring Accuracy in Fill Levels
Phoenix uses XE3 checkweighers, which automatically detect and reject under- and over-weight packages, to monitor fill levels on their gusseted bag line and verify the correct count of multipacks on four other lines.

* Note: PowerPhasePRO metal detectors are marketed under the Profile brand outside of the USA.

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