Case Study

Advanced Metal Detection

Case Study

for Raw Material Control

Quality at every stage of production

Its main supplier is nature itself. In order to be able to ensure consistently high quality on a permanent basis, Zentis uses a wide-ranging quality assurance system that includes inspection of raw ingredients.

Preventing metal contamination

An important component of these quality controls is the use of metal detection systems from METTLER TOLEDEO as part of a comprehensive Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) based program to prevent metal contaminants entering the production process.

Incoming goods control

The quality of incoming goods are checked. A Profile Advantage metal detection system inspects raw pineapple chunks from 2-3 kilogram cans. After the cans are opened in an automated process, the pineapple chunks are shaken onto a conveyor belt and immediately guided through the detector.

Removal of metal contamination

If small metal particles have been left in the pineapple from the supplier’s cutting process or the automatic can-opening process, the Profile Advantage detects these foreign bodies and removes the affected product from the production process automatically using a reverse belt reject mechanism. When the belt is reversed, the product infeed from the can-opening system also stops in order to prevent unnecessary product loss.

Offering the highest sensitivity when inspecting ‘wet’ products and a dependable rejection system, the Profile Advantage gives Zentis complete process reliability.

Brand Protection and Compliance

The Profile Advantage uses advanced multi-simultaneous frequency (MSF) technology. This provides increased detection sensitivity for metallic contaminants – in many cases by up to 50 percent (based on ball diameter) compared to conventional metal detection systems when inspecting ‘wet’ products, or those with high salt content, variable temperature, or packed in metallized film.


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