State-of-the-Art Track & Trace at August Faller KG - METTLER TOLEDO
Case Study

State-of-the-Art Track & Trace at August Faller KG

Case Study

As a service provider for the secondary packaging area, August Faller KG is able to fulfill all of its customers' requirements relating to Track & Trace and serialization. The XMV datamatrix station from METTLER TOLEDO PCE supports August Faller in providing sustainable marking and verification of cardboard boxes, cartons and rectangular bottles.

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With an integrated inkjet printer and print verification camera, the XMV is able to reproduce all the necessary Track & Trace functions and can easily be integrated into the existing packaging line at August Faller. In doing so, the XMV ensures a highly precise level of product tracing, while implementing international requirements according to ePedigree, Chinese coding, French coding, ITS (Turkey), IFAH directive and European EFPIA marking. The XMV enables August Faller to print pharmaceutical packaging for its customers, with barcodes, serial or randomized alpha-numerical sequences or 2D datamatrix codes.

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