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Case Study

Correct Filling Weight Guaranteed

Case Study

with Latest Checkweighing Technology

Correct Filling Weight Guaranteed with Latest Checkweighing Technology
Correct Filling Weight Guaranteed with Latest Checkweighing Technology

In order to comply with German finished packaging i.e. pre-packaged goods regulations (FPVO), Lugato GmbH & Co. KG has opted to use an officially verified METTLER TOLEDO XS40 checkweigher. In doing so, the company is able to guarantee that the specified nominal weight is checked continuously, ensuring that processes run quickly and smoothly.

On the production line for grout powder and tile adhesive in stand-up bags, the XS40 guarantees that no incorrectly filled products leave the production site. Here, Lugato benefits from the checkweigher's durability when faced with constant dust accumulation. This is thanks to the high level of tightness of the load cell and driving parts such as deflection roller bearings – a benefit which is available right from the standard version. Head of production Dr. Klaus Weluda had already used METTLER TOLEDO checkweighers and was therefore well acquainted with their long useful life and endurance.

"We have been extremely satisfied with the quality of METTLER TOLEDO products and the technical customer service they provide for the last 20 years." Dr. Klaus D. Weluda, head of production.

Good use of space on the production line

Another aspect which was important for Lugato was the fact that the system would only take up a small amount of space on the production line. Thanks to its modular design, the XS40 was easy to incorporate with a separate control cabinet on which the weighing terminal was also installed. Only the weighing unit was integrated directly into the production line, saving valuable space.

100-percent inspection

With the XS40, Lugato can rest assured that each and every product will be monitored, meaning that no incorrectly filled products will be dispatched, as can sometimes be the case with a spot check. This builds consumers' trust in the product and the manufacturer's brand while also ensuring compliance with trade requirements. What is more, the automated process allows the company to make better use of its resources.


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