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Stolle Geflügel Benefits From New Metal Detector

Gebr. Stolle GmbH is a leading German food producer focused on poultry processing. The company is committed to the strictest quality standards and innovative product development enabling them to meet the challenges of a very competitive market. Meeting demanding production schedules is supported with METTLER TOLEDO product Inspection equipment.
The company has three production sites in Germany working a two-shift system. At the site in Gudensberg, Stolle subsidiary Gudensberger Geflügel GmbH & Co. KG produces fresh poultry parts and processed poultry products. Over 20 tons of sausage and 78 tons of fresh meat are produced every day. Consumers can find the high-grade Gudensberger poultry products such as seasoned and unseasoned fresh chicken breasts, fillets and other chicken produce on the fresh meat counter in stores.
High Quality Standards
Strict quality criteria at Gudensberger Geflügel demands secure metal detection technology. The company works to particularly strict quality criteria. All production and processing steps are performed under constant monitoring and in line with company guidelines. In addition to this, the company is committed to assessing food safety risks through the normal HACCP process. Any contamination is detected and offending product is rejected as early as possible in the manufacturing process to maximize process efficiency productivity rates.
Safeline's HDS Pipeline Metal DetectionHDS – The Solution for Sausage Production
Modern metal detection systems from METTLER TOLEDO Safeline are in place on every production line to ensure all products are free of metal. HDS Pipeline metal detection systems are installed in the sausage meat production process. These metal detection systems have been specially developed for use in processed meat production and are designed for connection to vacuum fillers and other processing systems. At Gudensberger Geflügel, they monitor the sausage mixture between the vacuum filler and the clip machine. The systems incorporate hygienic design to cope with the harsh operational conditions and cleaning regimes. Units are sealed to IP69K standard.
Flexible, Mobile Design
System electronics are housed in an integral enclosure mounted on the mobile highly stable stand. The systems are highly flexible and can be moved from process line to process line aiding productivity and throughput. Units can be employed in all sausage processes including those using twister attachments and those with integrated in-line process rejection valves. In addition, the system offers multi-lingual operation and is easy to operate with minimal operator training being required further aiding productivity.
Detecting All Metals
HDS Pipeline metal detection systems detect all types of metal including ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and even non-magnetic stainless steel, which is notoriously difficult to detect. Even irregular-shaped contaminants such as wires, swarf and parts of aluminium clips, as well as needles from injection syringes or cutting knives are securely detected. Despite its high sensitivity, false rejection of good product is minimized. This is achieved through the use of digital filtering which provides high resistance to external vibration and electromagnetic interference.
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