J.O. Spice Protects Their Brand With Metal Defector Technology
Case Study

J.O. Spice Protects Their Brand

Case Study

With a Signature Touch Metal Detector

J.O. Spice Company is a family-owned manufacturer of crab and seafood seasonings. To help ensure final product quality, the company installed a new Signature Touch metal detector from METTLER TOLEDO Safeline.

A Reputation for Quality Equipment
“Before we bought our first metal detector almost ten years ago, we did our due diligence and considered multiple suppliers. We chose METTLER TOLEDO Safeline because of their high quality equipment and outstanding reputation,” said Donald Ports, President of J.O. Spice and the grandson of the founders. “We purchased our first Safeline metal detector in 2009 and a second one in 2010. They’ve both operated great over the years.”

J.O. Spice Tackles Seafood Seasoning With Metal Detection Technology

Large Aperture Size For Bulk Products
J.O. Spice needed a new metal detector with a tall aperture as they prepared to set up a fully automated packaging line. With their old metal detector, boxes needed to be manually laid down on their side and then stood back up for palletizing. They selected a new Signature Touch with an aperture size of 14 inches wide and 20 inches tall, so 25 to 50 lb. bulk boxes and cases of retail packs can go through the system upright. 

Durable Equipment Suitable for Harsh Environments 
“Equipment in our facility needs to be tough. Not only is it hot in the summer and cold in the winter, but the salt in our products also creates a harsh environment because salt is corrosive. The Signature Touch runs wonderfully thanks to its well-sealed electronics and wash-down capabilities,” said Ports.

Maximizes Detection Sensitivity
Identifying both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, this system finds even the most difficult to detect non-magnetic stainless steel fragments and non-spherical fine wire. With high frequency advanced coil technology and state-of-the-art electronic filtering techniques, it maximizes detection sensitivity and minimizes false rejects.

Minimizes False Rejects
“Our new metal detector is incredibly sensitive. It’s so sensitive, it’s able to spot the small amounts of naturally occurring metallic minerals in some of our spice blends, but it’s easy to account for this by simply selecting the proper setting on the touchscreen control panel,” explained Ports. “Recycled material in the corrugated cardboard is virtually always responsible for the occasional positive hit we do get. When we keep it calibrated, this metal detector never gives us a false reject.”

*Note: The Signature Touch model is only available in the US.

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