T2660 designed for manual aggregation of boxes, cartons & pallets

T2660 Manual Track & Trace

Variable Aggregation The T2660 supports the manual aggregation of items into bundles, outer boxes and pallets so they can be labelled in accordance with Track & Trace requirements

Portable for increased Flexibility
The T2660's wheeled stand allows the system to be moved around the production environment freely - functioning in-line or as a remote station for rework.

Scaleable Aggregation Scenarios
The adjustable work surface allows for variable packaging sizes, and the hand-held scanner allows aggregation of much larger items - even pallets.

Quick and easy integration
The standalone unit is positioned next to the line with low spatial requirements. Line availability is increased thanks to quick and easy integration.

T2660 Manual Track & Trace

T2660 Specification Table

Dimensions (L x W x H)

 76 x 104 x 168
Label Printer
Zebra 110/170Xi4
Max. Label Size
170 mm label width
Application / Features
Serialization / Aggregation
300/600 dpi

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T2660 Features and Benefits

Aggregation for all Applications
Suitable for all aggregation scenarios including bundle to case, case to pallet, or bundle to pallet.
Centralized Track & Trace Management
Management of manual stations through to complete Track & Trace systems in high-speed packaging lines including aggregation and database entry through the PCE Line Manager (PLM).
Prepared for the future
Upgradeable to meet all current and future requirements. Simple and quick updates ensure long-term investment protection.
Global Service Support
An extensive global service network fully supports cross border contracts, ensuring timely support and the quick delivery of spare parts. This reduces downtime and maintains effective processes.




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T2660 Manual Track & Trace


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T2660 Manual Track & Trace
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