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Seamless Track & Trace Data Flow Integration

It is important that each link in the tracking chain speaks the same language, regardless of whether it is hardware, such as labelling devices and inspection systems, or software, such as those used for production line management.

At the same time, new equipment components should be able to be integrated into existing company structures and networks, such as the tried and tested ERP systems. METTLER  TOLEDO  PCE provides labelling and inspection systems as well as the corresponding software for production line management from a single source for just this purpose. In doing so, this ensures the interoperability of all systems. Interfaces to current ERP systems and SAP certification also ensure easy and reliable integration into centralized data systems.

Implementing seamless product inspection for Track and Trace purposes frequently calls for much more attention from pharmaceutical companies than originally thought. Serialization and aggregation requires the entire value-added chain to be integrated. As such, marking is no longer just an issue for a single department. The packaging, packing and marketing (packaging design) sectors as well as the IT, certification and validation departments in particular are affected on a much greater scale. Issuing serial numbers dynamically from the ERP system with subsequent feedback to the central database, as is necessary for serialization, requires a particularly close connection to the company's IT infrastructure.

Check out our comprehensive Track & Trace Data Workflow Overview (click on the magnifying glass to get a detailed view)

Track & Trace Data Workflow

Track & Trace Data Workflow

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