Checkweighers for Packed and Unpackaged Foods |
Checkweigher for packaged and unpackaged food

Checkweigher for Packed & Unpacked Food

Advanced checkweighing systems for reliable weighing of packaged and unpackaged food products

Our checkweighing systems automatically check and verify the weight of your packaged and unpackaged food products. These highly adaptable checkweighers are solidly engineered to boost manufacturing productivity by providing high levels of weighing accuracy. They support weights and measures compliance in the food industry, preventing under- and over-filled packages from reaching consumers.

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Checkweigher for Packed & Unpacked Food

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Checkweigher for Packed & Unpacked Food

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Checkweigher for Packed & Unpacked Food

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Checkweigher for Packed & Unpacked Food

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Checkweigher for Packed & Unpacked Food

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What is a checkweigher for packed and unpacked food?

A checkweigher for unpackaged and packaged food is a high-precision weigh-in-motion machine used for quality control in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. These checkweighers automatically inspect product weight during the manufacturing process, protecting against over- and under-weight products, whether packed or unpacked.

Packaged and unpackaged food checkweighers are predominantly used as part of an overall product inspection program for food and beverage manufacturers, helping manufacturers comply with local packaging laws and regulations during production. 

METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection is a manufacturer of checkweighers suitable for a variety of applications, including weight control in the production of packed and unpacked food.

Boost your productivity with METTLER TOLEDO smart checkweighing solutions

Boost your productivity with METTLER TOLEDO smart checkweighing solutions
Garvens and Hi-Speed Checkweighing solutions from METTLER TOLEDO provide advanced precision weighing technologies to reduce costly overfills and improve production line efficiency.

How can a checkweigher help to avoid product recalls in the packaged and unpackaged food industry?

Due Diligence in food manufacturing video

Due Diligence in food manufacturing video

A checkweigher for packed and unpacked food helps prevent product recalls with product inspection technology by providing precise weight control on the production line.

Selling under-weight food products can result in unhappy customers and negative brand image, as well as fines or other penalties. In some cases, selling underweight products can lead to expensive product recalls. On the other hand, over-weight products can be costly by generating unnecessary and expensive product giveaway.