IP69 Protection Checkweighers | Highly Durable Checkweighing Systems
IP69 Checkweighers

IP69 Checkweighers

Checkweighing systems with IP69 protection rating designed for harsh, high-pressure, and high-temperature cleaning

A checkweighing system with the highest IP69 protection rating provides the ability to withstand high temperatures and high-pressure water during chemical washdowns. As a result, our IP69 checkweighers are an excellent choice for use in harsh production environments, such as those found in the food processing industry, because they are robustly designed to endure intensive cleaning routines and help to meet all hygienic regulations.

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IP69 Checkweighers

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IP69 Checkweighers

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IP69 Checkweighers

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IP69 Checkweighers

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IP69 Checkweighers

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What characteristics does the IP69 checkweigher have that makes it an excellent choice for use in harsh production environments?

IP69 checkweigher video

IP69 checkweigher video

An IP69 checkweigher provides high speed precision weighing on equipment designed to withstand the challenges and cleaning procedures required in harsh environments or production floors with frequent washdown requirements, such as with product inspection equipment in food and beverage manufacturing.

Hygienically Designed for Easier Cleaning
These checkweighing systems offer easy access for cleaning and are built with sloped surfaces throughout to prevent liquid retention and discourage bacterial contamination.

Resilient in Harsh Environments
The entire checkweigher system, including the HMI screen and conveyor belt, is IP69 rated and proven resistant to most caustic detergents, disinfectants, and high-pressure cleaning.

METTLER TOLEDO IP69 checkweighers deliver reliable and precise accuracy directly after cleaning without required drying times, keeping cleaning-related downtime to a minimum.

What is an IP rating?

IP69 checkweigher getting high-pressure jet washdown

The IP rating was developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission to define the level of ingress protection against both solid and liquid intrusion on an electrical cabinet. The first digit deals with solid matter (i.e. dust), while the second deals with water. IP69 means the electrical cabinet is dust tight and protected against high temperature water jets.