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Validation, Verification and Monitoring For Product Inspection Equipment– Free Download

White Paper

Overview of the Terminology and Process Requirements

Validation, Verification and Monitoring For Product Inspection Equipment
Validation, Verification and Monitoring For Product Inspection Equipment

This White Paper gives guidance on the essential processes of validation, verification, and routine performance monitoring for in-line product inspection equipment. It is primarily aimed at Quality Managers and Production Managers in food manufacturing organizations, although manufacturers in other industries may also find it relevant.

The terms validation, verification, and routine performance monitoring are often used interchangeably, creating confusion within organizations and across industries because people interpret and use them in different ways. In fact, each term is a distinct process that has a clear purpose and role to play at different points within the equipment lifecycle. It is important to understand the purpose of each process to make sure that validation, verification and routine performance monitoring tests are performed to comply with regulatory requirements; particularly where the equipment is designated as a Critical Control Point (CCP).

The white paper focuses on the following areas in detail:

  • Definitions of Key Terminology
  • What are the compliance requirements?
  • What are the validation procedures?
  • What are the verification procedures?
  • What are the routine performance monitoring procedures?
  • Supplier Support

A final section on recommended reading has been included for readers wanting more in-depth information on the topics highlighted within this white paper.

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Recent changes in standards, regulations and legislation have put the responsibility for food safety with retailers and manufacturers. However, equipment manufacturers can offer significant support in meeting compliance obligations.

Having the right start builds a strong foundation for maximum compliance with standards and regulations, as well as supporting operational efficiencies. Initial validation at the point of installation ensures that your in-line product inspection equipment works as intended. Periodic performance verification throughout the lifecycle of your in-line product inspection equipment ensures it continues to perform as expected, and complies with the relevant standards and regulations. Routine performance monitoring tests must be conducted regularly to confirm equipment is under control to maintain product quality and protect against damage to your reputation.

It is important to understand the differences between the terms and how the processes relate to one another. Each is critical for compliance with industry standards and regulations.

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