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Pharma Statistics

Are you prepared for global serialization?

The Pharma Statistics are an advanced and comprehensive means of statistical process control going far beyond the scope of conventional evaluation programs and optimized to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical sector.

With the assistance of the software option, the counter readings recorded can be used to carry out a detailed qualitative evaluation based on a variety of criteria including weight control identification of open flaps on folding boxes, misalignment detection or the checking of label print quality. The evaluation of counter readings, i.e. the  checking of orders and batches based on the above criteria, is saved and displayed in statistical format.

Customer Benefits:

  • Seamless traceability and comprehensive logging of order, batch and sub-batch data
  • Real-time access to all statistical data
  • Documentation of parameter modifications that are relevant to the process
  • Filter function in evaluation logs for rapid data overview

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