OnDemand Seminar | Product Inspection for Co-Packers

Online Seminar: Product Inspection for Contract Packers

How Co-Packers Improve Food Safety and Automate
Quality Processes with Product Inspection

The seminar explores product inspection technology and its importance in improving food safety and supply chain compliance for Co-Packers. 

It will cover:

  • Record-keeping and audits 
  • Developing the right culture and mind-set for machine maintenance and testing standards 
  • Automation of quality checks 
  • Flexibility and ease of use of product inspection technology such as metal detection, x-ray inspection and checkweighing 

This interactive seminar will also include a Q&A to address specific queries you may have in respect of product inspection for Co-Packers.

The speakers are:

Co-hosted with:

Co-hosted with ECPA
Co-hosted with ECPA

Ton Knipscheer
Board member of the ECPA
European Co-Packers Association (ECPA)

Ton Knipscheer has served on the board of the European Co-Packers Association (ECPA) since mid-2020 and has been co-owner of a co-packing company for many years. He has an in-depth knowledge of the co-packing/co-making market and has held several senior positions within the Weidenhammer Packaging Group, Europe’s largest producer of composite cans. He has worked with iconic UK brands such as Pringles, Cadbury, McVities and Tetley. Ton is also working as an independent Packaging Consultant and joined WATTTRON in Dresden as Global Sales Director in April 2021. 

Robert Rogers
Senior Advisor Food Safety & Regulation
Organization: METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection

Robert has 25 years of experience in various commercial and technical roles and has facilitated Mettler-Toledo's customers' development of food safety programs around the company's product inspection technology. In this strategic role, Robert provides customers with regulation and compliance expertise within the food industry as they relate to product inspection solutions. 


Niall McRory 
Global Key Account Manager
Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection 

Niall has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has more than 27 years’ experience in a wide variety of roles, including manufacturing, design, technical sales, senior management. Since 2016 Niall works with global key accounts to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction in the supply of product inspection solutions, protecting brands and importantly consumers.