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Improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) with inline metal detection

Improving OEE is the big driver of operational efficiencies within the personal care industry. Which is why supporting customers in their efforts to improve OEE is a big driver of developments in product-inspection equipment.

OEE = Availability × Performance × Quality

Personal Care Soap
Personal Care Soap



Profile Metal Detection More Than Just Improved Detection Sensitivity

Profile Metal Detection from METTLER TOLEDO Safeline offers more benefits to your business than just improved levels of detection sensitivity for both wet and dry product applications.

OEE White Paper

Download a FREE OEE White Paper and calculate how Safelines inline metal detectors can improve your overall equipment effectiveness.


OEE is also heavily influenced by variability in its components. OEE is a good indicator of overall performance but not the only measure. The devil is in the detail. You need to look at each component of OEE – and the data that comes from each step along your line – to understand exactly what's going on in your factory.

Improve OEE quality through increased sensitivity metal detectors that generate fewer false rejects. They can do this because they're up to 50% more sensitive – they can detect metal contaminants that are up to 50% smaller than previously possible.

Soaps (non-chemical) exhibit a 'product effect' due to the natural fats within the product. This effect can be significantly reduced through the use of the latest Multi-Simultaneous Frequency technology (MSF) metal detectors, such as the Profile Advantage, that are up to 50% more sensitive.

PackML (short for Packaging Machine Language) is a standard set of terms for describing the operational state of equipment used in packaging processes. A common language makes it possible to integrate disparate equipment within a single production line and to communicate vital production-line data to the management team.

The latest generation of metal detectors also automatically outputs performance data (recalculated every second) for OEE analysis. Numerous methods of extracting data are available through proprietary RS232 and range of industry standard protocols (EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP) through to the deployment of a Fieldbus Interface Module (FIM).

Conveyors – Failsafe systems that improve processes.

Metal detectors with advanced Condition Monitoring as standard and fitted with Due Diligence Enhancement Software Packages can provide a level of system integrity that guarantees total system performance. This ensures the highest levels of metal detection sensitivity can be achieved with equally high levels of failsafe operation.

Avoiding system failure that has been attributed to a simple photo-cell failure through to reject system failure or, more critically, a detector head fault is paramount in order to maintain a quality product.

Due Diligence Software pack facilitates control of numerous failsafe systems in conjunction with relevant hardware enhancements, including:-

  • Conveyor speed in relation to the reject timing
  • Confirmation of presence of pneumatic air supply for air operated reject devices
  • Bin full monitoring
  • Reject confirmation logic protocols
  • Reject bin integrity system – to ensure reject bin is locked/unlocked.




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