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Hanging Scales

Hanging Scales

Variety of hanging scales for your industrial and retail environments

Hanging Scales for Accuracy and Efficiency

Digital hanging scales offer a unique way to achieve your desired weighing results without the need for a lot of floor space. Because the scales ar...

Digital hanging scales offer a unique way to achieve your desired weighing results without the need for a lot of floor space. Because the scales are suspended above ground, you can maximize the use of your production space and weigh efficiently. A hanging scale with basket offering os also ideal for operations or retailers seeking to continually optimize lean production principles, with lean manufacturing values. These hanging scales with basket promote lean manufacturing because they are available when being used, and generally out of the way when they are not needed in a process. For facilities also adopting 5S principles, this is equally important.

Hanging Scale Safety is a Top Priority
For any hang scale system or crane, safety is a top priority to protect your users. Our systems are designed with safety in mind. Models include high strength hooks and load cells that are put under fatigue testing up to 50,000 times. Additionally, look for models that include unique electronic protection, anti-vibration measures and impact resistance. Hygienic safety is another top priority of manufacturers using hanging scales or retailers using hang scales – especially in food production environments. Our heavy duty hanging scales utilize high strength alloy steel shackles and hooks, which can be used in high temperatures, magnetic environments, high vibration zones and harsh wash down conditions. Electronic crane scale or crane digital scale offerings provide the ultimate flexibility.
METTLER TOLEDO also offers heavy duty hanging scale solutions.

Hang Scale Offerings with User-Friendly Interface
Our electronic hanging scales with basket were designed with operators in mind. The intuitive interface options mean you can train employees quickly, reducing training costs.

Scale Crane Use
METTLER TOLEDO hanging scales have been used in applications, such as metallurgy, casting, metal manufacturing, chemicals manufacturing, energy production, rubber manufacturing, railway use, logistics operations, paint production, and more.

Do you offer monorail overhead track scales that have a printer to print the weights or a digital system to track the weights?
Yes, METTLER TOLEDO's monorail overhead track scale system has a terminal that can connect to a printer to print the weights or a customer production system to track the weights.


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