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Floor Scales

Solutions to Increase Productivity and Ensure Accuracy

Floor scales are robust platforms available in many different sizes and designed for weighing loads from 600 kg to more than 25,000 kg in a variety of industries and applications from pharmaceutical manufacturing to logistics operations. These platforms may be individually configured to meet your precision, quality and environmental needs with options that include hygienic design for easy cleaning, hazardous area approvals for safety, and a broad range of accessories.

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High Precision Scales in Action

When you must fulfill tight tolerances, these platforms provide the accuracy you need. Watch the video to learn how the platform design enables the highest precision in production environments and how this can help you improve your weighing processes and ensure consistent quality, increase productivity and meet regulations. Watch the Video Read more

PowerDeckTM Floor Scales

Real-Time Operator Guidance

In tough industry applications, not only do you have the challenge to improve efficiency but also need to avoid defective products. In daily weighing activities, standard analog floor scales do not have the capability to warn you of possible errors. METTLER TOLEDO’s new generation floor scale Powerdeck™ delivers Real-Time Operator Guidance to help you operate efficiently and without errors. Read more

Watch the video of PFA584/589 Floor scales

At METTLER TOLEDO, we know the needs of every industry are different, which is why the PFA5 is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We have taken the pain out of the floor scale procurement process by creating an easy-to-order, globally standardized set of components that can easily be mixed-and-matched to formulate your ideal scale. Read more

Functional Design

Functional Design

Installing floor scales in pits is beneficial to allow easy loading and unloading of material on the ground level. The pit frames, which are available as an accessory for all floor scales, ensure short installation time and easy positioning and leveling. Read more

See how Powerdeck™ Increases Production Yields

This series of short videos gives quick insights into how Powerdeck™ can improve effiiciency and avoid defective products. Your production yield will increase through faster processing, increased precision, and elimination of measurment errors. Read more

PHD779 Low-Profile Floor Scales

PHD779 Low-Profile Floor Scales

Combine the power of POWERCELL® technology with our fully optimized hygienic design. The ultra-low-profile PHD779 platforms alleviate the most common floor scale challenges to speed up every part of your process, from loading and unloading to cleaning between cycles. Choose from the static, mobile, or easy-lift models to optimize your operation. Read more

Explore the 360° View of PHD779

Explore the 360° View of PHD779

Delve into the details of our innovative PHD scale designs. The 360° animation offers self-guided navigation of the three scale models: PHD779lift with a unique hygienic frame and fully sealed bottom plate; PHD779mobile with lock-and-go ramps and self-centering platform; and the PHD779static with large, low-profile platform sizes. Read more

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FAQs - Floor Scales

Can floor scales be wrong?

Yes, even the best floor scale for sale can be wrong. The process of determining if a scale is providing accurate weighments is called calibration. Calibration is a process that compares the performance of the scale to a mass of a known quantity to determine if the scale is weighing within tolerance (accurate). Even the most accurate commercial floor scale can be off without an operator knowing it, making calibration of industrial floor scales and other types of scales very important.


What's the best floor scale to buy?

Floor Scales
Floor Scales

The best floor scale to buy is the one that meets the needs of your application. This may be a combination of requirements such as accuracy, the typical load to be weighed, and where the floor scale will be placed and used. For example, if you wish to use your floor scale in applications that require accuracy, METTLER TOLEDO offers the PFK989 floor scale. However, if you do not need the highest accuracy but instead require a combination of accuracy, intelligent use and robustness, the PowerDeck PFD779 floor scale may be a better choice.


How do I know if my floor scales are accurate?

To determine if your large floor scale or basic commercial floor scale is weighing accurately, schedule a calibration procedure with a certified technician. Calibration compares the performance of the scale against a mass of a known quantity. In between calibrations, a check with a certified test weight can help you determine if you are still receiving accurate results. METTLER TOLEDO offers a series of safe, easy-to-use industrial test weights based on your application needs.


Can you calibrate a digital scale?

Yes, a digital scale can be calibrated. Calibration is the only process that can provide assurance that the weighing results provided by a given instrument are accurate. Calibration is typically performed by a certified technician.

How do you adjust digital scales?

For a floor scale, a test weight is used to calibrate the span and linearity of the scale. It is also used to adjust corner-load error. This is accomplished by adjusting the relative trim pot in the junction box.


How do I reset my digital scale?

The manual that came with your floor scale can tell you how to reset your digital scale. There is no standard method for resetting a floor scale.


What is 1 gram on a scale?

On a floor scale, only electro-magnetic force restoration (EMFR) technology is able to register a weight as small as 1 gram. METTLER TOLEDO’s PFK989 floor scale, which uses EMFR load-cell technology, is able to weigh 1 gram. A weight scale for heavy weight may or may not be able to weigh smaller quantities. Please check the scale description for resolution and other scale specs.


What items are measured in grams?

Many different materials are measured in grams, such as jewelry, diamonds, precious metals, and expensive or rare ingredients in formulations.


Can you offer a digital or electronic heavy-duty platform scale up to 300 kg?

Yes, we can offer a floor or bench scale up to 300 kg. All scales are digital or electronic, find our full portfolio on our website.


What is the weighing speed of your floor scale from 200 kg to 1500 kg?

Typically, our floor scale weighing readout is stabilized in about 2-5 seconds based on the typical operation of loading material onto the scale platform.


Do you offer a floor scale with a buffer to absorb vibration?

No, we currently do not offer such scale. But we can create customized scales designed to absorb vibration. Please contact our local sales reps to see about a floor scale configuration that will meet your needs.


Do you have a floor scale to weigh up to 3-ton IBC tanks or pallets?

Yes, we can offer PFA579, PUA579, 2888, PFD779 floor scales to weigh the IBC tank or pallet.


Do you have a floor scale at the right price for our application?

We offer different floor scales in different price ranges and aim find a solution to fit nearly any application. Please contact our sales reps in your local area to find the floor scale that is right for you.


Do you have a floor scale system with the capability of displaying the weight in barcode format for scanning?

This capability is not available directly from the floor scale system; however, by adding one of our terminals with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capabilities you can connect to your system or device. See more about our floor scale for sale options.


Does your floor scale system connect to a printer that prints self-adhesive labels?

Nearly all our floor scale systems with terminals can connect to a printer. At this time the printers we offer do not allow printing to adhesive labels;

however, you can purchase a printer that offers this capability and connect it to our terminals. See more about our floor scale with printer options. We think that you will find our floor scale with printer options meet your application needs.


Does your low profile floor scale system offer Ethernet/IP connection?

Yes, METTLER TOLEDO offers many terminals with Ethernet/IP connection such as IND570, ACT350, and IND331. Please check the terminals and select the right one based on your application.


What is the accuracy and weighing capacity of your floor scales?

Generally, METTLER TOLEDO offers scales that can weigh from 600 g to 12,000 kg in readabilities from 0.01 g to 2 kg. Please let us know what you intend to weigh and we will help you determine the scale that meets the needs of your application.


Is your floor scale system able to connect to a WeighSync server?

Yes, nearly all METTLER TOLEDO weighing terminals can connect to  a central file using a serial connection via a WeighSync server. Please check the terminal you are considering to learn more about its capabilities.