Excellence Density Meters

The All-Rounder Benchtop Density Meter for a Variety of Applications

Developed for a wide range of applications, our intuitive Excellence Density Meters will measure almost any sample. These instruments feature high accuracy and repeatability and can be further enhanced with automation and multiparameter solutions. Connection to the LabX™ PC software allows seamless processes and compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.

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What is the highest accuracy I can achieve with an Excellence Density Meter?

The D6 Excellence Density Meter has a six-place resolution and can measure density with an accuracy of up to 0.000005 g/cm3. To reach this high accuracy when you measure your samples, it is recommended that you follow some precautions. Firstly, use our syringe holder to separate the syringe from the inlet of the instrument. When filling the measuring cell, do so slowly and with a smooth, even flow (5–10 cm per second) to ensure the cell walls are completely wet and there are no trapped bubbles along the walls. Finally, leave the syringe in the syringe holder during the measurement process.


How can an Excellence Density Meter help me in a digitalization project?

Our Excellence Density Meters can be a valuable addition to your digitalization project due to their advanced digital capabilities. For instance, by using a barcode reader, you can eliminate the manual entry of sample IDs, which saves time and reduces the risk of mistakes. The automated calculations also mean there is no need for manual conversion and comparisons, which can be a time-consuming process.

Additionally, our density meters store product limits, so you no longer need to manually compare your measurements to predefined limits, as the instrument gives you an immediate pass/fail indication. Lastly, with the option to print out or transfer the measurement results to our LabX™ PC software, you can further streamline your processes and make data management more efficient.


Are the Excellence Density Meters ready for the future?

Yes, the modular design of our Excellence Density Meters is highly adaptable to meet your future needs. For instance, you can add a refractometer cell, a pH meter, or a UV-VIS spectrophotometer for multiparameter measurements. You can also add one of our various automation solutions to automate sampling, rinsing, and drying, which can help run a series of measurements more efficiently. Moreover, if you need to run highly viscous or solid samples at room temperature, you can add a heated sample changer.