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Application Note: Optimized Control of Sour Water in Petrochemical Applications

Application Note - Control of sour water without damaging the pH electrode

Process Analytics - «Application Note»

The installation of a double measuring system – pH combined with conductivity – allows to control the aggressive sour water on-line without damaging the pH electrodes.

Sour water damages cause corrosion 
Sour water is poisonous to petrochemical plants equipment, because it is responsible for most of any corrosion process in metallic pipes, heater, coolers and columns and it must be treated and neutralized. 

An unsatisfying situation
In the past, customers used standard pH measuring systems to control the sour water and the neutralization treatment. The situation was not satisfying at all because of the contamination of the electrode due to the presence of gasoline, which also passes through the pipe. As the pH electrodes were constantly damaged by the presence of gasoline in the measurement media, customers stopped performing the on-line analysis and started conducting it in the laboratory… 

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