Microvolume Spectrophotometer | Accuracy with 1μL Samples

Microvolume Spectrophotometer

Accurate and Reliable Microvolume Measurements at the Touch of a Button

Microvolume spectrophotometers, also known as nano-spectrophotometers, are powerful life science instruments used to measure the concentration, purity, and physical characteristics of very low-volume samples. We offer an award-winning microvolume spectrophotometer that delivers highly accurate and reliable results with just 1μL samples. The smart, ergonomic design makes operation and cleaning effortless, and the integrated LockPath™ technology makes accuracy and preventing errors easier.

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Advantages for Microvolume Measurements

Small, Fast, Simple and Reliable

METTLER TOLEDO'S UV/VIS Excellence Spectrophotometers offer a range of benefits to optimize and simplify your spectrophotometric analysis workflow. Watch the video and learn more about our outstanding UV Vis instruments.

Compact Versatility

Compact Versatility

Double application power in one instrument: micro volume as well as cuvette measurements can be performed by using one versatile and compact instrument. This saves investment and space on your lab bench.

flexible operation

Flexible Operation

The instrument can be operated stand-alone without the use of a connected PC. Alternatively, the instrument can be connected to a PC. The network ensures that all results are securely stored in the LabX™ database. Read more

DNA, RNA and Protein Analysis

DNA, RNA and Protein Analysis

Pedestal and cuvette measurement are combined in one compact instrument. With only 1–2µl of sample, the concentration or purity of DNA, RNA, and protein can be checked within seconds. Also find pre-programmed methods for A280, A260, 260/280 ratio, etc. Read more

Simple One Click Operation

Simple One Click Operation

An easy and intuitive way to run tasks right from the terminal. Get secure guidance with step-by-step instructions. Customizable shortcuts are easily linked directly on the home screen.

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