Spectrophotometry UV/VIS for micro-volume samples

UV Vis Micro-Volume Spectrophotometry

Life Science Instrument for DNA, RNA and Protein Analyses

Spectrophotometry for UV/VIS micro-volume samples

Easy and accurate UV/VIS micro-volume spectrophotometry with only one drop of sample. A wide range of concentrations is covered by automatic measur...

Easy and accurate UV/VIS micro-volume spectrophotometry with only one drop of sample. A wide range of concentrations is covered by automatic measurement at two precisely defined pathlengths with LockPath™ technology, which make calibration redundant. The One Click user interface is easy to learn and allows convenient operation with shortcuts. The cuvette holder adds further flexibility.


Products and Specs

Products and Specs


Product Brochures

Product Brochure - UV Vis Spectrophotometer
FastTrack™ UV/VIS technology integrates robust, state-of-the-art components into a unique spectroscopic system design. Thus, fast reliable measurement...
Product Brochure - Excellence UV/VIS Spectrophotometers (for Life Sciences)
The UV/VIS Excellence instruments for Life Sciences effectively optimize spectroscopic workflows as the instruments are always ready for measurement....
Product Brochure - LabX™ UV/VIS Software
LabX is fully adaptable to meet your needs. The many options in LabX allow you to simplify the way you work, ensuring that transcription errors are a...


Datasheet - UV5Bio and UV5Nano UV/VIS Spectrophotometers
The UV5Bio and UV5Nano Excellence instruments optimize spectroscopic workflows in life sciences – FastTrack™ technology enables speedy and reliable m...
Datasheet - Smart UV/VIS Accessories
High precision cuvettes and holders fulfill the strictest manufacturing specifications and thus contribute to accurate and reliable results. Workflow...
UV/Vis Excellence Datasheet
The UV5 and UV7 Excellence instruments optimize spectroscopic workflows effectively. FastTrack™ technology makes for speedy and reliable measurements....
Automatic Performance Verification with CertiRef™
With increasing demands for time-consuming performance verification in regulated laboratories, the CertiRef module offers a fully automated Pharmacope...
Automated Performance Verification – Advances in UV VIS Spectroscopy
Salt Content Determination Guide
Life Science Toolbox for UV/VIS Spectroscopy
UV/VIS Spectrophotometry Fundamentals Guide
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