Single-Beam Spectrophotometers

Compact, Fast, and Highly Intuitive UV Vis Instruments to Simplify Your Workflows

A single-beam spectrophotometer is a device that measures a substance's light absorption using one light beam to determine its concentration, purity, and chemical characteristics. Single-beam spectrophotometers cover the UV to visible wavelength range and offer highly reliable measurements. They are compact, maintenance-friendly, and expertly designed to optimize and simplify your spectrophotometric workflows.

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Advantages of Single-Beam Spectrophotometers

Compact Modularity

Compact Design

Strikingly small footprint, about the size of a piece of paper reduces the space needed on your lab bench.

Intuative Operation

Intuative Operation

The intuitive user interface with workflow guidance and integrated tutorials allows you to simply measure according to your work instructions.

Software Support

Software Support

Data acquisition, storage, and display are efficiently supported by UV Vis PC software. Result data can also be automatically exported or seamlessly integrated into a centralized data management system (e.g. LIMS). Read more

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