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UV Vis Spectrophotometer Accessories

Increase Your Measurement Options

Accessories for a UV Vis spectrophotometer can simplify measurements and quickly adapt the instrument to new application needs. A cuvette changer easily automates workflows, a thermostat option heats the sample, and a peristaltic pump conveniently transfers samples to a flow cell and can also be used for sample recovery and cuvette cleaning. All METTLER TOLEDO accessories can be easily installed and are immediately ready for use — plug and play.

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More Spectrophotometric Possibilities with Accessories

Automated Cuvette Changing for Spectrophotometers

Automated Cuvette Changing

The CuvetteChanger allows efficient automatic measurement of series of up to 8 cuvettes. It enables both standard measurements with blank subtraction or complex kinetic applications. An external thermostat makes it possible to cool and to heat the cuvettes within a range of 10 – 80 °C. Read more

Water Testing with EasyPlus UV/VIS Spectrophotometers and Spectroquant Test Kits

Easy Water Testing With EasyPlus UV/VIS

The SQKitReader™ accessory for EasyPlus UV/VIS spectrophotometer unlocks over 150 Spectroquant® water test kit methods Read more

Automated Performance Verification for UV Vis Spectrophotometer

Automated Performance Verification

The plug and play automated performance modules are easily installed within seconds. The instrument automatically recognizes the module, retrieves all certification data and is immediately ready to start the performance verification method. The performance verification tests are US and European Pharmacopeia compliant.. Read more

Automatic Sampling for UV Vis Spectrophotometer

Automatic Sampling

Sample loading is easily automated with the FillPalMini, which pumps the sample safely and quickly into the flow cuvette. It can also be used for sample recovery and cleaning the cuvette. With the flow cuvette UV/VIS Excellence instruments can be integrated into a multiparameter workstation with a titrator, density meter or refractometer. Read more



CuveT is a Peltier-based, single cuvette thermostat accessory optimized to save benchtop space without compromising heating and cooling capabilities. The thermostat unit fits neatly on top of the UV/VIS Excellence instrument (UV7, UV5, UV5Bio) and can be controlled with the CuveT terminal, the UV Vis instrument or LabX™ UV Vis software. Read more

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