EasyPlus Spectrophotometer

Your Basic, Compact All-Rounders

EasyPlus UV/VIS spectrophotometers combine conventional spectrophotometry, color measurements, and water analyses within one compact instrument. The spectrophotometers are designed to greatly facilitate your routine spectroscopic workflows, saving bench space and reducing your investment in equipment and service.

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What are the main applications of a EasyPlus UV/VIS spectrophotometer?

Conventional spectrophotometry

Run a photometric measurement at multiple wavelengths or scan a spectrum of the sample with customizable parameters and the peak finding function.

Learn more in our easy spectrophotometry guide.

Color measurement

30 standard-compliant ready-to-use color scales (e.g. CIELAB, APHA, Gardner) shorten the time to result and avoid calculation errors. 

Learn more in our basics of color measurement guide.

Water testing

The SQKitReader™ option enables your EasyPlus UV/VIS to read the barcode of Spectroquant® water test kits and start the built-in methods.

Learn more in our easy water testing guide.