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Spectrophotometers for Color Analysis

Easy-to-Use UV Vis Instruments for Precise and Reliable Color Quality Control

A spectrophotometer for color analysis is an instrument employs in a wide range of industries that uses full-spectrum color measurements to analyze physical samples and ensure color consistency. METTLER TOLEDO offers a comprehensive range with built-in color scales, full-spectrum scans in one second, rapid instrument readiness, and guided workflow. Our instruments are ideal for optimizing and simplifying color testing in the laboratory.

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Advantages for Color Testing

Compact Modularity

Compact Modularity

A strikingly small footprint, about the size of a piece of paper reduces the space needed on your lab bench.

30 Most Common Color Numbers

For similar samples, one number can be sufficient to express the color. Depending on the industry, different color numbers are established. METTLER TOLEDO spectrophotometers provide 30 built-in color scales.

Measure Large Sample Numbers Automatically

Measure Large Sample Numbers Automatically

With an InMotion™ autosampler, the measurement of large numbers of samples is a simple and safe task. Read more

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