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    For pumped liquid, paste, slurry and vacuum-packed product applications

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    Inspection of pumped liquid, paste slurry and vacuum-packed products

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    How do Pipeline metal detectors integrate with other food processing equipment?

    METTLER TOLEDO Safeline's Pipeline metal detectors are designed to inspect all most types of liquids, pastes and slurries for metal contamination, even in the most challenging food processing environments. The operator control panel can be installed remotely from the search head, enabling the point of inspection to be located in inaccessible places such as in elevated pipes and in complex and congested pipeline networks.

    Inspection of pumped liquids, slurries and pastes can be achieved by replacing a short section of metal in the transport pipe with a food-grade non-metallic pipe that passes through a metal detector. The choice of the pipe will be influenced by:

    • The style of the pipe connection required
    • Product type and viscosity
    • Nature of the product
    • The product temperature
    • The pipe pressure expected.

    Care should be taken to design the installation so that the pipe will not be under strain from the weight of the incoming and out-going stainless steel transport pipes.

    How easily can HDS Pipeline metal detectors integrate with other meat processing equipment?

    Our HDS Pipeline metal detectors are designed for easy integration with other process equipment. Sealed to IP69K standard, the rugged heavy-duty wash-down construction is designed to withstand the rigours of the harsh environments found in meat and food processing plants. The space-saving design can be configured through a range of accessories to suit production of continuous, linked or clipped sausages and other food products in natural or collagen cases. Internal Cancellation Field technology allows the metal fittings of the throughput pipe and other process equipment to be positioned closer to the detection head without affecting the detector performance. This enables a short throughput pipe, essential to avoid product creaming* and gives the added benefit of a compact system size to reduce space requirements.

    What is Product Creaming?

    Product Creaming (sometimes referred to as smearing) occurs when the increased length of product flow gives rise to the fats in some food products being unevenly distributed towards the outside of the sausage or tube pack due to friction build up on the inside of the throughput pipe.

    How do your Pipeline metal detectors overcome bubbles and voids in product flow?

    METTLER TOLEDO Safeline's unique Profile Advantage Pipeline metal detector is ideal for use in challenging applications with product effect, for example, where product is not standardised, or when there is a potential for bubbles or voids to be present in the product flow. Using a combination of Multi-Simultaneous Frequency and Product Signal Suppression technology, Profile Advantage Pipeline metal detectors can overcome the issue of product effect to virtually eliminate false rejects, maximizing operational efficiency and improving productivity.

    How is metal contaminated product rejected from a Pipeline metal detector?

    When metal contamination is detected, a sanitary three-way valve can operate to divert the contamination. Alternatively, the pump can be stopped and the contamination flushed out manually. The choice of the valve will be influenced by product type, temperature and viscosity. Some valves are best suited to low-viscosity products such as juices. If the pipe-cleaning procedure includes a cleaning plug being flushed down the pipe, the selected valve must be of a ‘straight-through’ non-restrictive design.


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