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White Paper

Improve OEE With Inline Metal Detection

White Paper

There's no room for complacency in today's highly competitive food production arena. No matter how safe or efficient your production line, you have to stay focused on continuous improvement because that's exactly what your competitors are doing.

This white paper looks at how the latest generation of metal detectors can help you improve your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), a key measure of production line efficiency.

The paper begins with the basics: descriptions of how a metal detector works and how to calculate OEE; skip Section 2 if you're familiar with OEE, or the principles of metal detection. The background is provided for readers who are new to the subject.

The White Paper then describes the limitations of traditional metal detectors, particularly how 'product effect' reduces detector sensitivity. Understanding these limitations helps you see how the latest detector technologies do more than improve product safety: they unlock the efficiencies that lift OEE and production line profitability. We show how each technological advance links directly to improved OEE.

The final section deals with collecting OEE data, integrating your metal detector into your production line network, and how PackML (short for Packaging Machinery Language) features can help extract vital performance data.

Download the Improve OEE With Inline Metal Detection PDF to read more.

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