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    How easily can METTLER TOLEDO Safeline metal detectors be integrated with other vertical packing solutions?

    Optimising process efficiency is essential to meet the demands of your customers and maximise the profitability of your business. Our Vertical Throat and Super Throat metal detectors are a flexible, easy-to-install solution, offering a wide range of benefits to enhance productivity and minimise downtime.

    Our range of Vertical metal detectors offer full integration and compatibility with all leading weigher and bag-maker combinations, to make installation and ongoing manufacturing processes seamless.

    How can a Vertical metal detector system boost productivity?

    The period between metal detector tests can vary from each manufacturer and is dependent on the application, processes employed and distribution time. METTLER TOLEDO Safeline has launched new enhancements to its Profile range of Vertical Throat and Super Throat metal detectors that allow manufacturers to reduce the frequency of routine performance monitoring tests through Reduced Test (RT) mode and decrease the time taken to conduct performance monitoring tests through its Automatic Test System (ATS).

    RT mode has the ability to monitor the metal detector's performance on the production line to a level of certainty that the frequency of routine performance monitoring can be significantly reduced, subject to quarantine periods.

    ATS decreases the time taken to conduct performance monitoring tests by >80% (from 3-5 minutes per line, to under 40 seconds per line to complete the end to end process for a three metal test).

    Certified test samples are assembled in discrete acrylic tubes that run up the inside face of the metal detector aperture. The automated pneumatic control transports each test sample in turn, to a defined position above the principle sensing coils within the metal detector. The test sample is then released, simulating the presence of a contaminant in free-fall under gravity.

    The ATS test is performed and monitored on the return of the test samples to their original position.

    The whole process takes less than 30 seconds to complete for a three-metal test, or less than 45 seconds for a four-metal test. This increases productivity as only one operator is required to conduct routine performance monitoring tests and time taken to perform the tests are also significantly reduced.

    In some cases, depending on the testing protocol undertaken by your business, this can lead to significant uptime advantages, improved overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and cost savings – all highly desirable attributes in today’s demanding production environments.

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    How do I choose the right Vertical metal detector?

    Throat and Super Throat vertical metal detectors are particularly suitable in instances where metallized film packaging is used in Vertical Form Fill and Seal bagging operations. Inspection of the product takes place immediately before it enters the bag, overcoming limitations created by the wrapping material to ensure that the highest levels of sensitivity are achieved.

    Vertical metal detectors are available in a choice of finishes to suit all applications:

    • Painted finish can be selected for use in dry, non-aggressive environments
    • Stainless steel construction is available for more demanding applications
    • A rugged stainless steel version with heavy-duty sealing is available for the most challenging situations such as Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) product packaging applications.

    Safeline Super Throat metal detectors offer enhanced sensitivity in vertical inspection applications, however our Throat vertical metal detectors can be installed where space is particularly restricted and deliver extremely high levels of sensitivity to all metal contaminant types.

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    How can a Vertical metal detector enhance worker safety?

    Manufacturers are under increasing pressure to provide ever-safer working environments for their employees. The latest METTLER TOLEDO Safeline Profile Throat and Super Throat vertical metal detectors can contribute to safer working practices in food manufacturing environments.

    • By reducing the frequency of metal detector testing using new RT technology, there is a corresponding reduction in the number of ladder climbs required by an operator to conduct the test, either to drop the sample through the aperture, or to access the HMI to run the test routines.
    • Emulation allows the metal detector HMI to be controlled from a variety of networked devices such as a tablet or mobile phone, again reducing the need to work at height if the HMI is installed in an awkward location, as is the case in many dry product inspection applications.
    • When ATS is used, it virtually eliminates the need to work at height to conduct most routine performance monitoring tests, and removes the requirement for line operators to have to reach across installed equipment to drop the test samples through the aperture of the metal detector.


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