Chemical Process Development and Scale-Up

Creating Safe, Efficient Processes from Lab to Plant

reactor vessels for chemical process development
Free White Paper: Risks from Rising Temperature
chemical process development laboratory instruments

Raman spectrometers for chemical process development and scale-up

In-Situ Raman Spectrometers


Understand reaction kinetics, polymorph transitions, and mechanisms to optimize process variables. Więcej

FTIR spectroscopy In-Situ Reaction Analysis

In-Situ FTIR Spectrometers


Understand reaction kinetics, mechanisms, and pathway to optimize reaction variables. Więcej

particle size measurement chemical process development tool

Inline Particle Size Analyzers - PVM


Capture high-resolution images of particles in-situ to obtain deep process understanding for complex systems. Więcej

chemical process development FBRM particle size analyzer

Inline Particle Size Analyzers - FBRM


Inserted directly into laboratory reactors to track changing particle size and count in real time at full process concentrations. Więcej

lab scale reactor for chemical process development

Chemical Synthesis Reactors


Increase productivity in your lab with chemical synthesis reactors featuring built-in automation tools. Więcej

automated chemical reactor sampling for chemical process development

Automated Sampling Systems


Automated and unattended sampling solution that delivers high-quality samples day and night for standard offline analysis, such as HPLC. Więcej

modeling and simulation software for chemical process development

Chemical Reaction Modeling

Scale-Up Suite™

Estimate kinetic parameters, in silico modeling, develop optimal reaction conditions. Więcej

chemical process development software

Reactor and PAT Control

iC Suite™

A unified approach supports lab-to-plant applications for spectroscopy, particle system characterization, precise reactor control, and calorimetry. Więcej

jacketed reactor support

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