Industrial Metal Detectors for Plastics

Advanced industrial metal detectors for the plastic industry to refine your quality control

Our industrial metal detectors for the plastic industry are designed to inspect your plastic products for metal contamination, rejecting unwanted metal from your production line. The advanced systems can detect a range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including non-magnetic stainless steel. Using our industrial metal detectors for plastics can not only help support you in meeting compliance requirements, but protects your brand image from unsatisfactory products.

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How do industrial metal detectors for the plastics industry operate in the production line?

Our industrial metal detectors for plastics can be seamlessly placed at various points along your production line, to accurately inspect your plastic product for metal contamination. 

The metal detection systems use balanced coils to create a magnetic field as products pass through the aperture. This allows any metal contaminants to become detectable by the system. Upon detecting the metal contaminant, a signal is sent by the metal detector that triggers an alarm, beacon, and/or triggers a reject or stops the conveyor depending on specifications.

The rejection of contaminated product can be done in many ways, whether through a robotic arm pushing the product, an air blast shooting it away, or by diverting the product flow somewhere else.

Can industrial metal detectors for plastics be integrated with other systems in the production process?

You can easily integrate our advanced industrial metal detectors for the plastic industry with other systems in your manufacturing process.

For instance, with our throat metal detectors, you can inspect products that are free falling through the aperture. These systems can be integrated with weigher and bag-maker solutions, so your products can be inspected for metal contaminants, before being bagged and packaged for distribution – all in one seamless production process.

This will allow you to drive productivity and inspect your products thoroughly without disrupting the efficiency of your plastic manufacturing.

What types of metal contaminants can be found in plastic applications?

There are various types of metal contaminants which can make their way into your plastic products, including:

  • Broken machinery, such as processing equipment or cutting blades
  • Accidental introduction through maintenance practices, such as washers and bolts
  • Personal effects, such as jewelry and paper clips

Therefore, an industrial metal detector for the plastic industry can be highly important to detect and reject metal contamination should it find its way into your plastic products.

What industrial metal detectors for plastics are available?

We offer a wide range of industrial metal detectors for plastics that are made to enhance your quality control when inspecting plastic applications for metal contaminates. This includes: