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Pipette Tip Packaging

Convenient Packaging Options

Pipette tip packaging options include standard racks, single and stacked refills, and bagged pipette tips sold in bulk. Waste-reducing Rainin BioClean Ultra™ pipette tip refills are made from virgin polypropylene resin and are fully recyclable. Reduce plastic waste in your lab with innovative, eco-friendly Rainin pipette tip rack packaging and refill options like Green-Pak single refills, StableStak stacked refills and TerraRack, made from easily recyclable PETE (resin code 1.)

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What is a pipette tip box?

Many people refer to a pipette tip "rack" as a tip "box." So, generally speaking, if someone is calling a product a pipette tip box, they are most likely talking about a rack of pipette tips. 

How many pipette tips come in a box?

A pipette tip box comes with 96 pipette tips in a box. Generally stacked on top of one another, the pipette tips are sectioned off in 8 separate rows with 12 columns per row.

How do you dispose of a pipette tip box?

Conventional polypropylene pipette tip racks, or boxes, are a "Class 5" plastic and can be recycled. Make sure your lab is involved in a recycling program to ensure your pipette tip boxes and racks are being disposed of properly as, unfortunately, most packaging for pipettes ends up in landfills or is incinerated.