ShopRainin USA Pipette and Tip Product Catalog
Industrial Weighing Catalog
Get the Rainin pipette and tip product catalogs today

Download your free copy of our full product catalog today or get our specific catalog focusing only on pipette tips:

  • The full Rainin catalog not only contains detailed information on all our pipettes, tips and specialty products, but also gives you an overview of our service offering.
  • The Rainin Pipette Tip catalog contains information on all tip products, with a greater level of detail and explanations.

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Combining the broadest range of worldwide approved and supported quality products, the catalog includes the following:

  • Manual pipettes
  • Electronic Pipettes
  • BioClean Pipette Tips
    • LTS fit
    • Universal fit
  • High Throughput Pipetting Systems
    • Manual Liquidator 96
    • Semi-automated BenchSmart 96
  • Protein Purification in a tip with PureSpeed
  • Specialty Pipettes
  • Pipette Service
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