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X-ray Integrated Inspection Solutions
Combination Checkweigher
Combination Checkweigher
Combination Checkweigher


Can any combination system serve as a Critical Control Point?

A metal detector or x-ray component must be present in order for this to be true – but adding a checkweigher or vision element (or both) provides additional quality control to the system while maintaining a reduced footprint.

Can I add product inspection components to existing production equipment?

We work with OEMs to produce custom equipment solutions that integrate our product inspection equipment, and can also design and produce custom solutions in-house when the need arises.

What about servicing the checkweighing combination system components?

Should the need for service arise, one service technician can perform maintenance on the entire system. That is one of the major advantages of a METTLER TOLEDO combination system! - Our service team can provide support for the entire system.

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